Cheryl has been in the hospitality industry for more than a decade, only started bartending when she moved to Perth in 2012 for studies and found a part - time job in a local alehouse. She later moved on to work in a nightclub in the city after she left the suburbs. Cheryl then expressed her interest into working in the cocktail bar section of the club and that’s when she started making cocktails.

After being away from the hospitality scene in Singapore for almost 3 years, Cheryl made a reappearance in the bar scene after being an apprentice of the famous award - winning bartender, Dario Knox in FOC Restaurant since January 2015. Later on, she joined Kilo, one of the more reputable establishments in Singapore before setting up her own company, Parallel Product ion, running small scale events and also helping companies to revamp their F&B establishments .

Her go to drink is a classic Negroni. “I like my drink bitter and sweet, just like me”, she says.